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SEW 7015IN Digital 15kV High Voltage Insulation...

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The SEW 7015IN High Voltage Insulation Tester is provided with a guard rail to eliminate surface leakage when testing insulation resistance of assets such as PILC cables. Internal data storage can hold 200 measurements, and the instrument’s optical USB to RS-232 transmission port allows data...


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The Power Logic DM6000, DM3000 & PM1000 series digital panel meters offer the basic measurement

capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation. The power Logic PM5100 series power meters

are ideal fit for cost management applications. It provides the measurement...

18.21 FINDER PIR Movement Detector - Sensor,...

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Highlights & Details Suitable for indoor ceiling installation, meets IP40 Surface mounting Output connected to supply voltage Adjustable ambient light intervention threshold Adjustable Light On Time Wide angle of survey Facts Adjustable ambient light intervention threshold, Adjustable Light...